Introducing AFK

It’s 8 PM on a Friday. You’re into the final round of your third gaming session of the night, and everything depends on you, the last man standing. You’re in the zone, focused and ready — you take down the final two enemy players with expert speed and precision, earning victory and cheers from your friends.

Now, it’s time to go AFK and celebrate with something cold, crisp, and brimming with so much bright, fruity flavor, it’ll keep you refreshed and in control right into the early hours.

Hmm.. perhaps something like the freshly brewed AFK New England-style IPA, dreamed up by the boys at Team Secret?

That’s right, The DotA champions and legendary esports team has collaborated with the hazekings at Pennsylvania’s Levante Brewing Co. to craft this juicy, one-off sipper for gamers just like you.

In fact, this thirst quencher so perfectly embodies the gaming culture, one fan on Twitter exclaimed:

“This stuff’s so good I’m ready to kick back, relax and go AFK in real life.”
Finding AFK

We are constantly expanding the availability of AFK, please check this map for local and delivery options.

Pennsylvania Residents

Welcome to Mercury by Levante, where freshness is delivered from our brewery fridge to yours. Mercury was a fleet and speedy Roman messenger, entrusted with flawless delivery, just as we assure with your craft beer.

Whether shipped to your office or home, the state of Pennsylvania allows us to ship directly to PA residents over the age of 21. New offerings are added to our website every week, and we pack every refrigerated can by hand at our West Chester brewery.

You can fill a case of AFK for your next Dota watch-party, and sprinkle in a couple 4-packs of ten-percenters to crack open when Team Secret takes the Ancients.

Commercial Inquiries

AFK is now shipping globally, to retail and wholesale distributors. Reach out and you may become one of our first commercial partners on your side of the world!

Whether you're managing an esports venue, a hip lounge, or local bar / restaurant, we are interested in working with you to bring AFK to your customers, and our fans to your business.

Our commercial partners will naturally fit into any local marketing campaigns we engage in, and will be featured directly on the Team Secret AFK beer page - becoming part of our network of preferred retail and distribution partners.

For more details please contact our joint Team Secret and Levante Brewing Company sales force using the contact button below.